International eLearning Experts Gather in Riyadh for eLearning Event

Social media and digital gaming can be used to promote learning

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, March 6th, 2015 – The Ministry of Education’s National Center for e-Learning and Distance Learning has held its Fourth International Conference on eLearning and Distance Education. The event brought together some of the world’s leading e-Learning researchers and educators, to discuss ways in which new digital technologies can promote quality education in Saudi Arabia, and further afield.

Dr Rob Kadel, Head of the Washington-based Pearson Research and Innovation Network, gave a keynote address at the Conference. Dr Kadel called on educators, policy makers and digital developers to help ensure the digital learning technologies being employed in classrooms were those with the greatest impact on improving student outcomes. Continue reading “International eLearning Experts Gather in Riyadh for eLearning Event”

Pearson Working with Tatweer to Deliver Training to 500 Master Educators

T4EDU Launches Math and Science Teacher Development Programme

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 27th 2014 – Saudi Arabia’s Tatweer Company for Educational Services (T4EDU) in conjunction with Pearson, the world’s largest learning company, have announced the wider rollout of the Saudi Math and Science Teacher Development Programme.

The programme will see ultimately 500 educators from across the Kingdom take part in a Master Trainer Training Programme across three levels of learning: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Foundation level training will take place in November and December 2014, with further levels planned in 2015.  The 500 Master Trainers will then go on to provide professional development training to over 100,000 primary and secondary teachers across the country, building Saudi teachers’ pedagogical skills and knowledge in the mathematics and science fields. Continue reading “Pearson Working with Tatweer to Deliver Training to 500 Master Educators”

Taibah University and Pearson Announce World Class Learning Ecosystem

12,000 students to experience new learning technology over the next three years

Student engagement, retention and achievement set to improve under new agreement.

Riyadh, KSA, August 12th 2014 – Taibah University has announced that Pearson, the world’s largest learning company, has won the contract to roll out an all-inclusive, state-of-the-art Learning Ecosystem. The Programme will be implemented as part of the University’s preparatory year programme, which is undertaken by more than 4,000 students each year. The agreement will transform Taibah University from a traditional campus to a fully blended learning environment over the next three years, placing the University at the forefront of digital learning transformation in the Kingdom.

The agreement builds on a close existing relationship between Pearson and Taibah University, which started last year with the initial rollout of customised foundation resources, and continues through the various subsequent phases covered under this new agreement. Continue reading “Taibah University and Pearson Announce World Class Learning Ecosystem”

Texas A&M – Saudi Arabia HRD Masters Program (Video)

The Human Resource Development Master of Science Program in Saudi Arabia offers Saudi professionals the flexibility to learn valuable human resource development skills. A collaborative agreement between Texas A&M University and the Arabian Society for Human Resource Management, students complete coursework online and attend face-to-face class periodically with college faculty who travel to Saudi Arabia to teach. 

The Kingdom :: A Saudi Celebration Day in Vancouver, Canada (Video)

Saudi students are choosing Canada as one of their top destinations to obtain undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, as they get accepted to join King Abdullah Scholarship program. This program provides the means to best world universities to pursue studies that lead to degrees (bachelors, masters and doctorate) and medical fellowships. Academic disciplines and scholarships are selected on the needs of government ministries, national corporations and the private sector. This selection aims to fulfill the requirements of work markets across the kingdom in regions, universities and industrial cities. The Program is commissioned with qualifying Saudi youth to take an active role in development in all fields in government and private sectors. 

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in Canada will be hosting an event in the heart of downtown Vancouver to exhibit the Saudi Arabian unique culture to the Canadian society.


The event will be in exhibition hall A of the east building of the convention centre. At the centre of the hall there will be a huge tent brought from Saudi Arabian desert specially for this event to demonstrate the hospitality of the Saudi people.

The exhibition will contain many booths that present different aspects of life in Saudi Arabia. Come over to learn about Mecca, the holy city on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, which is the most sacred place in Islam. Also Medina, the second holy city that has the prophet’s mosque and where he lived for the last 20 years of his life. Moreover, learn about the beauty of the Arabian Calligraphy, and get your name written on a decorated card as a personalized gift from the organizers to you.

The stage is a central spot in that event. Come and enjoy live performances of different dances and folklores from different regions of Saudi Arabia: central (Sword Dance), western, and southern region. Also enjoy the rhythm of live songs and poetry, by a group of singers and poets from Saudi Arabia. Finally, enjoy the interactive presentation with live footage that portrays the typical Saudi daily life and teach you about the most important event that attracts the world media every year (The Hajj) which is attended by 3 million people every year from all around the globe.

The celebration will be run by Saudi students volunteers from over 16 Saudi clubs across Canada. About 200 volunteers will be prepared to impressively organize that event and enthusiastically run each part of it.